June 22-24
FACE 2023

Welcome to FACE International Meeting 2023, the main event of the FACE orthodontics group worldwide! We are glad to host 36 speakers from 13 countries that will bring you the latest technologies and treatment options in orthodontic and multidisciplinary cases.

What it’s all about

It’s our international FACE Meeting where doctors from all over the world( more than 40 different countries) will attend. There will be orthodontists, prosthodontists etc and they all have one thing common and it’s the search for EXCELLENCE.As our motto perfectly says we will work hard with more than 30 speakers and play hard with a cocktail party which will amaze everyone and then our celebration party which will have live music and a REAL SURPRISE.
We will have individual speakers and then a original and star cast of speakers from all over the world joined in groups of three from the same geographical areas. They will present together in groups of three.It’s new(never done before) and it promises to be fun,interesting and informative.So don’t miss this unique experience and join us in Bucharest for the FACE Meeting.

18 lectures given by 36 speakers from 13 countries, main focus being on orthodontics and multidisciplinary treatments
Social program
Welcome cocktail on the 22nd of June and get together party on the 23rd of June with live music dancing and many surprises.
Our host city
Discover Bucharest the city that never sleeps!
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The Conference will take place at the Parliament House Conference Centre in Bucharest, Romania

Our Speakers
Who's Speaking?

Hear 9 inspiring talks, meet the best product people in Europe, and party together after the event!

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