The Mexican Mariachi

Alfonso Meza Tello

Personal Information

Doctor of Dental Surgery, Graduated with Honors U.N.A.M. 1978-1982

Specialty in Orthodontics, Hospital infantil de México “Federico Gómez” 1988-1990.

Diploma in Dental Cosmetics, Universidad Intercontinental. 1994


Theoretical-practical course in Ortho Biosthetics, Ortobioestetica México, ORBIM.

Diploma in Pathophysiology of the Craniomandibular, Craniocervical Skeletal Muscle System and Facial Pain of the Adult Patient with Dr. Mariano Rocabado

Diploma at Wilckodontics: Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics


Academic experience

Titular professor at: Hospital Infantil de México “Federico Gómez”, Hospital CentralMilitar de México, Universidad del Valle de México campus Hermosillo and in the State University of Sonora (Universidad de Sonora)

Guest teacher at: Universidad de Oaxaca, Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León,

Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán, Universidad Autónoma de Nayarit, Universidad

Autónoma de Baja California.

Speaker at several courses, universities and schools all through Mexico and some

other countries.

Victor Hernandez Vidal

Personal Information

Dental Surgeon University of Puebla BUAP México Orthodontic Specialty, University of Puebla BUAP México
Master’s Degree in Orthodontics UABJO México
Roth-Williams Center for functional  oclussion Diplomat UNAM México
Postgraduate Professor BUAP
Active Member and Speaker of the MexicanAssociation of Orthodontics              PrivatePractice limited to Orthodontics in Puebla City

 Bernardo Rodriguez

Personal Information

Degree in Dentistry from Autonomous University of Aguascalientes 1987-1992

Specialty in Orthodontics, Children’s Hospital of Mexico “Federico Gomez”. 1995-1997

Roth-Williams Philosophy Diploma (FACE), Dr Jorge Ayala and Dr Gonzalo Gutierrez 2010-2012

Diploma Clinical Solutions of Occlusion and CranioFacial Pain in Orthodontics, Dr Domingo Martin and Dr Guillermo Ochoa 2015-2016

Diploma in Orthodontics for Patients with Temporomandibular Dysfunction, Dr Gonzalo Gutierrez 2015

Orofacial Pain Mini-Residence. University of Kentucky Campus Lexington, Dr J Okeson 2016

Diploma in Cranio-mandibular, cranio-cervical and facial pain physiopathology. Dr Mariano Rocabado. 2015.

Ertty Systems Modular Course, Brasilia, Brazil. 2022-20223

National Speaker

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