Registration Cancellation and Registration Fee Refund Policy

  1. When a registered participant chooses the right of unilateral termination of this registration, they should notify the registration cancellation to the event’s official email address. Suppose this notice is formulated 90 days before the event’s start date. In that case, the organizer will return the registration fee in a percentage of 50%, the difference representing the mutually estimated counter value of the organizational efforts in kind and financial that the organizers have already made or must continue to make, not being able to avoid or recover them.
  2. In case a cancellation notice of the registration is sent less than 90 days before the event’s start date, the participation fee paid can no longer be returned. The organizational costs are specific to the event, meaning they have already been incurred or are allocated without the possibility of cancellation or recovery.
  3. As an exception to the provisions of points 1 and 2, replacing a participant with a person not yet registered as a participant gives the waiving participant the right to refund the fee he paid fully. This event must be notified at the official address by the said waiving participant who registers and pays the price. In case the replacement is made 30 days before the event’s start date and after this date, but not more than 20 days before the event’s start date, upon the return of 75% of the registration fee paid participation.
  4. If cancellation or postponement of the event occurs due to causes not attributable to the organizing company, but neither to the participant nor a third party, but falling into the category of “fortuitous event” or “force majeure,” the participant has the right to opt for the postponement of the fee for the new period of organization of the event, for the next edition or for a similar event offered by the organizer, under a form of maintaining the registration for the delayed event.
  5. . The same conditions from point 4. apply if the participant no longer can arrive or participate in the event for reasons falling under the category of “unfortunate event” or “force majeure.”
  6. If the participant cannot or does not want to opt for the deferment of the fee according to points 4 or 5, the participation fee can be refunded in a maximum percentage of 50%, depending on the value of the organizational efforts in kind and financial costs that the organizers have already made or still have to make, being unable to avoid or recover them.
  7. The full or partial return of the participation fee according to the provisions above is made within 30 days at most from the end of the event or, in case of its cancellation, from the date it was supposed to take place, and in case of postponement, within 30 days from its termination, but not more than 90 days from the original date for which the participant is requesting the return signed up.
  8. The counter value of the bank commissions owed by the organizer for the return of the participation fee, according to point 7, is borne by the beneficiary of the refund and is withheld from the amount to be refunded when banking procedures do not allow establishing their collection exclusively from the beneficiary.

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