Marco Rosa

Personal Information

Marco Rosa graduated as Medical Doctor in 1981, then carried out postgraduate studies first in Dentistry, then in Orthodontics.

Former President and Active Member of the Angle Society of Europe, he is both the European Board and the Italian Board of Orthodontics certified.

His primary areas of interest are “Early Treatment: key points and new procedures”, “Space Closure in case of Upper Missing Incisors”, “Ortho-Perio” and “Interdisciplinary Treatment”. He published and regularly lectures internationally about these topics. Winner of 2017 Dewel Award / best clinical article of the year published on Am J Orthod Denofac Orthop in 2016.

Winner of 2015 WFO Award.

He works in private practice, limited to Orthodontics, in Trento, Northern Italy and he is visiting professor in many Universities in Italy and abroad.

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