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Leszek Sawicki

Personal Information

Dr Leszek Sawicki DDS PhD, is a specialist in Pediatric Dentistry, former Adjunct at Pediatric Dentistry Dept. Medical Univ. Of Gdansk. He is a Member of Polish Implantology Association, International Congress of Oral Implantologist, German Association of Implantology, Polish Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, Polish Academy of Esthetic Dentistry and International Academy of Dental Traumatology,

Dr Leszek Sawicki graduated Level IV at OBI Foundation of Bioesthetic Dentistry, which is originally known as a Bioesthetic Dentistry – Member of OBI Foundation of Bioesthetic Dentistry. One of the 2 doctors in Poland that completed exclusive training curriculum of MAGO splint design and treatment in Denver – Foundation for BioEsthetic Dentistry Institute for Comprehensive Occlusal Diagnosis & Minimally Invasive Complete Care Dentistry, USA.

His practice is limited to interdisciplinary care of Ortho-Prostho Patients.

Dr Leszek Sawicki is a author of many publications in Polish and International papers, translator of books in dental field. Lecturer in many courses and seminares focused on dental trauma, dental pulp, Ortho-Prosthodontic Teamwork and TMD issues  and occlusion.

Monika Sawicka

Personal Information

Dr Monika Sawicka DDS, PhD graduated from Medical University of Gdansk in 2000 with the prize of best student. From 2002 she was resident at Orthodontic Dept at Med Univ of Gdansk. She received her Master Degree in Orthodontics at 2007. She is a former Associate Professor at Orthodontic Dept. Medical University of Gdansk where she was working 2005-2018. She was involved in many experimental studies on orthodontic force and root resorption using computed microtomography and immunohistology in cooperation with University of Rome (Italy) and University of Connecticut (USA).

She is a member of Board of Regional Polish Orthodontic Society, FACE Poland Board Member, author of many publications in Polish and International papers, translator of books in orthodontic field. 

Dr. Sawicka treatment process enhances her orthodontic skills and aesthetic techniques which provides patients with improved health and satisfaction. 

  She graduated from FACE course and FACE Advanced and her work is dedicated to this philosophy. Private practice limited to Orthodontics in Gdynia, Poland

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