Salvador Congost

Personal Information

As early as 1990, Dr. Salvador Congost met the American dentist and biologist Robert Lee, DMD, as part of his postgraduate training. His comprehensive, biologically oriented view of the function of the masticatory system inspired and convinced him immediately, as it goes far beyond what is taught at universities – then as now.

The understanding of the chewing system as a separate biofunctional and highly sensitive organ, which is in interaction with the entire body, opens up comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic options for functional disorders.

Excited by this, Dr. Even then, Congost focused his dental work on the functional rehabilitation of the masticatory system and restorative dentistry. Such a specialization was very innovative and unusual at the time.

In order to provide colleagues and dental technicians with an equally well-founded and structured training in functional dentistry, Dr. From 1998 Congost developed a training curriculum in cooperation with “Orognathic Bioesthetics International” (O.B.I.) Oregon/USA (the forerunner of today’s “Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry”). Together with Dr. Norbert Gehrig he founded “O.B.I.-Europe” in the same year.

Since then, the Munich native has been one of the few specialists in this field in Germany and Europe, as well as an internationally sought-after speaker for lectures and dental workshops.

Since 1988 dr. Congost established his own practice in Kinsau/Lech, his treatment focus is on restorative dentistry and chewing function.

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