Turkish All Stars

Korkmaz Sayinsu

Personal Information

Graduate, University of Marmara, Faculty of Dentistry

PhD in Orthodontics, University of Marmara, Faculty of Dentistry

Associate Professor of Orthodontics, University of Yeditepe (2000-2009)

Graduate, The Roth/ Williams International Center of Functional Occlusion, 2 years course (2008-2010)

Professor and Head of Orthodontic Department in University of Altinbas

Private practice limited to orthodontics in Istanbul (Turkey)

Lecturer of FACE Course in Turkey

Melih Şengül

Personal Information

Dr. Melih Şengül, was born in Germany in 1977. After primary school in Germany he went to high school in Ankara-Turkey besides spendingtremendous time in his fathers dental laboratory learning to work with ceramic and composite. After graduating from Yeditepe University, Faculty

of Dentistry in 2001, he has been accepted to the Department of Prosthetic Dentistry in Marmara University for his PhD. During this period, he hasbecome more proficient on Implantology and Cosmetic Dentistry treatments such as full mouth reconstructions and smile designing. Today, his

qualifications both as an prosthodontist and as a ceramist dental technician, signifies his work as being unique in practice and aesthetic.

By the years passing by, he realized more the importance of the principles of occlusion and the relationship between human masticatory system and balanced body. He started working on orthopedically stable condyle position, bio-aesthetic tooth forms, occlusal rehabilitations and tmj


Still running his own practice as a clinician and dental technician. Dr. Şengül defines his work as trying to achieve the most bio-functional anbioaesthetic result that can only be the way to remain lifelong in dentistry.

Dr. Şengül is assistant professor in ISTÜN university faculty of Dentistry and also gives lectures about smile designing, immediate loadingin implant dentistry, occlusion concepts, orthopedicstability, occlusion in stable joint position and many other topics to dentists and dental technicians.

Nese Yoko Sayinsu

Personal Information

Graduate, University of Istanbul, Faculty of Dentistry

PhD in Orthodontics, University of Yeditepe, Faculty of Dentistry

Assistant Professor of Orthodontics, University of Altinbas (2015-2018)

Graduate, FACE Course (2016-2018)

Private practice limited to orthodontics in Istanbul (Turkey)

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