Ukranian Champions

Iryna Gergel 

Personal Information

Dr. Gergel is Ukrainian orthodontist, a Member of European and Ukrainian Orthodontic societies, in demand practitioner and researcher, dynastic orthodontist.

Current occupation — Clínica Martín Goenaga where she works under the mentorship of dr. Domingo Martin.

Iryna graduated from National Medical University in Kyiv in 2010 and got her Orthodontic degree in 2013. After taking her orthodontic career she took many courses and then went and worked for Prof. Myroslava Drohomyretska, President of the Ukrainian Orthodontic Association. In 2019 she took the two-year FACE Course and received her diploma in the FACE philosophy. Since then, she has been passionately advancing in practical and scientific activities including PhD thesis started in 2020 based on interdisciplinary approach to sleep disorders in young age.

She is an active lecturer in Ukraine, presenting her clinical studies focusing on TMG concerned treatment.

Natalya Borchenko

Personal Information

Dr. Natalya Borchenko is a graduate of Odessa National Medical University, Ukraine, where she also obtained her Orthodontic and Dentofacial Orthopedics degree and PhD degree. For 14 years she runs her private orthodontic practice in Odessa. She had numerous fellowships worldwide, mainly devoted to cleft care, orthognathic surgery and TMJ disorders. 

Her main focus of interest is orthodontic management of orthognatic patients and TMD disorders. Natalya is member of the Ukrainian, European, Italian Orthodontics societies, active member of BSCOSO, representative of Ukraine in EuroCleft projects. She is an active lecturer in Ukraine and runs as well an educational program for orthodontists, encouraging development of functional orthodontics in Ukraine. 


Tamara Nespriadko

Personal Information

I started studying dentistry at BogomoletsNational Medical University in 2005 and passed through 5 years of amazing theoretical and practical education. These 5 years tied my life not only with my favorite specialty and essential theoretical knowledge but also with scientific activities. I was the Board Member of the Society of Young Specialists and Scientists at the University and participated in increasing the influence of medical students on national and global science. For that, I was awarded “For the Development of Student Scientific Life” by the Kyiv city mayor in 2009. So, when I graduated and received a dental degree in 2010, I had a particular scientific background.  

The next 4 years of specialization aiming to reach a master’s degree in dentistry, and parallel clinical practice, helped me acquire the orthodontics specialization (2014) and master’s degree in dentistry (2016). From that time till the present my primary workplace hasn’t changed – I still provide private consulting, diagnostics, and treatment at Iris Dent Clinic, in Kyiv. 

My practice and education mustn’t be limited by the Ukrainian border. I got training at the Department of Post-graduate Studying in Orthodontics in Kings College of London (2016) and studied a 2-year Advanced Orthodontics International course in San Sebastian, Spain (2020-2022). It’s a great honor that since 2015 I’ve been an Ambassador from Ukraine at EPSOSduring 3 years.

I’ve launched plenty of projects such as Round Table for young Orthodontists , Give your Child a Smile (2018-2019).

Created YouTube channel Stoma Talk from 2021The aim is to increase the self-knowledge of young and adult patients to improve their quality of lifeprevent common dental diseases, discuss with related specialists the most popular questions on orthodontics and not only.

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